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AWESOME new WEBSITE for Montcalm County Citizens United!!

A huge "THANK YOU" to Richelle Lentz for getting this up & allowing it to be used for ALL MONTCALM COUNTY Citizens OPPOSED to Big Wind!!

Erik Benko & I (Chantelle Benko) will be available for Sidney Township residents on the page.

We are also willing to help get other township volunteers coordinated to start leading the charge against Apex (BIG WIND) in your townships within Montcalm County!

Feel free to email us at:

We'll also be here on FB & MeWe under Montcalm County, MI Citizens United

Facebook Group

PLEASE attend your TOWNSHIP BOARD MEETINGS as Apex is in AT LEAST 11 Montcalm County Townships currently trying to sneak these 600'+ wind turbines in & MANY residents are still completely unaware!

KEEP adding others to these groups/sites so we can continue to get the word out to protect our beautiful Montcalm County communities & our future!!

Please join us in taking a stand AGAINST BIG WIND!!

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