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Inform Yourself

Below is a list of resources to begin informing yourself about big wind and community impacts.

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25 Industrial Wind Deceptions

by Dr. John Droz at

Planet of the Humans 

Directed by Jeff Gibb and produced by Michael Moore

Planet of the Humans explores the environmental movement and how it has failed to fix environmental concerns such as climate change. One claim made by the documentary is that clean energy, such as wind and solar, does not produce sufficient energy to sustain us without aid from fossil fuels. Another claim examined is that some leaders and organizations in the environmental movement support biomass energy, which is not sustainable, renewable, or carbon neutral.

The documentary features both street and formal interviews, archive footage of business and environmental leaders, as well as footage of biomass facilities and the construction of wind turbines and wind farms.

The film’s purpose is to encourage discussions about humanity’s impact on the environment besides climate change. These issues include overpopulation, mass species extinction caused by humans, and whether or not green energy can fix these problems.

What's Wrong With Wind & Solar?

by Mark Mills at

Bats & Wind Turbines, & Their Importance to Our Environment & Our Economy (Related Articles & Studies):


Wind Turbines & The Negative Impact on Real Farming

Tourism & Wind Energy

Here is a collection of 200± articles & reports on the effects on Tourism from industrial wind energy being nearby.

"Almost all studies done by independent experts conclude that there will be Tourism business lost when industrial wind energy is introduced into a tourist area.

Some play it down by saying that these loses are not “significant.” The most detailed study to date, funded by the Scottish Government (a wind proponent) concluded that the annual losses would be from 2% to 6%.

A decrease of 4% in the Crystal Coast tourism business would amount to: $16± million in Tourism related revenue lost annually, plus 146± Tourism jobs lost annually. 

It seems that most people would consider those losses to be significant. And this is just one economic burden to the community (see — but this just by itself, would result in any locally proposed wind project being a NET LOSS. In other areas, the significance of the impact will vary." -Dr. John Droz at 

Residential Property Values & Wind Turbines

How Do Wind Turbines Effect Property Value?

"Do Wind Projects Adversely Affect Proximate Residential Property Values?

The most basic principle of economics is that things are valued based on the “Law of Supply and Demand.” It is quite obvious, all things being equal, that many people (due to view, sound, flicker, etc.) would choose NOT to buy a home where there are industrial wind turbines nearby. (Whether they are right or wrong in their reasoning is irrelevant.) These beliefs would reduce demand, which clearly would have some negative impact on the price of nearby properties. Any report that concludes that there are zero negative property value effects related to wind projects simply can not be considered seriously. The only question is how much of an impact is there? This list is just some of the more objective studies and commentary about the adverse effects of wind energy projects on home values near wind projects." Dr. John Droz at 

Wind Turbine Syndrome Articles


From People Negatively Impacted By Industrial Wind Turbines

Michigan Resident, Carey Shineldecker Shares the Nightmare Experienced Due To Wind Turbine Placement Near His Home

Ted Hartke before the Boone County Zoning Board (Illinois), 5/28/13

Hartke_Submittal-Wind_Farm_Experience_5-28-13.pdf (

Dr. Nina Pierpont Interviews

"Falmouth, Massachusetts, has become Ground Zero for the global fight over stupidly placed industrial wind turbines. Many people in Falmouth are reporting classic WTS symptoms; our website is loaded with their stories and their pleas to “turn off the damn turbines”! In September 2011, Dr. Pierpont went to Falmouth and spent days interviewing victims. The interviews are riveting. If you read or listen to nothing else on this website, be sure you watch these. Click here."

If Solar And Wind Are So Cheap, Why Are They Making Electricity So Expensive?

Wind Turbines

A Climate Conundrum: The Wind Farm Vs. The Eagle’s Nest


Windfarms can reduce house prices by up to 12%, says LSE (other sources say SALE values decrease as much as 20-50%!)


Additional Articles About Apex

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