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Township Specific Information

Belvidere Township

Volunteer Coordinator -Ken Purchase

Bloomer Township* 

NEED Volunteer Coordinator! 

Bushnell Township* 

Volunteer Coordinator- Devin Everingham

Cato Township

Volunteer Coordinator - Marcy Nawrot Myers/

Cato Twp Citizens Alliance

Crystal Township* 

NEED Volunteer Coordinator! 

Day Township

Volunteer Coordinator - Will & Cheryl Rosso

Douglass Township

Volunteer Coordinator - Melissa Bannen /

Douglass Township Energy Coalition (DTEC)

Eureka Township

Volunteer Coordinator - Laurie Bahlman

Evergreen Township

Volunteer Coordinator - Renee Smith

Fairplane Township*

NEED Volunteer Coordinator! 

Ferris Township*

NEED Volunteer Coordinator! 

Home Township 

NEED Volunteer Coordinator! 

Maple Valley Township

Volunteer Coordinator - Vicki Douglas

Montcalm Township

Volunteer Coordinator - Richelle Lentz

Pierson Township

Volunteer Coordinator- Jeremy Carle

Safe/Protective Wind Ordinance Passed!


Pine Township

Volunteer Coordinator - Lindsey Sue Simon

Reynolds Township* 

NEED Volunteer Coordinator! 

Richland Township*

NEED Volunteer Coordinator! 

Sidney Township

Volunteer Coordinators - Erik & Chantelle Benko

Safe/Protective Wind Ordinance Passed! 

Winfield Township

Volunteer Coordinators- Jeremy & Jessica Kwekel

*Townships WITHOUT a coordinator will not have a page here on the site until a volunteer comes forward to provide updates for their township. 



Evergreen, Day, Crystal, Bushnell and Ferris townships are NON-ZONED townships. It is advised that you attend BOTH your Township Board & the Montcalm County Board meetings to stay updated on wind ordinance developments in your community.


It is also advisable that an attorney be consulted for action planning in these townships. 

Montcalm County Commissioners Meeting

Dates & Times HERE: 

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