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Big Wind is trying to SELL our township officials and private citizens on this "green energy" deal (that repeated studies & experts show isn't so green after all) by claiming it will bring financial benefit to Montcalm County; so MCCU's Erik & Chantelle Benko decided to put this to the test with REAL data specific to Montcalm County.  With the assistance of John Droz, the Benkos compiled a report with NUMEROUS research studies and credible sources that PROVE that this sales pitch is just a bunch of hot air and would actually COST ALL CITIZENS in our community so much more than we could ever possibly gain!!

Just how much would these industrial wind turbines cost Montcalm County?

Well, it turns out that the LOW END ESTIMATE shows that
Montcalm County would actually LOSE at least $36.6 MILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR!!

To read the data collected, examine links to over 50 cited sources from leading experts in their fields, and see credible nonbiased research; please check out the full Net Financial Loss Report below. 

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