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Apr 02, 2022
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Johann Philipp Reis, Antonio Meucci and. It is important to mention them all, as there was (and still is) immense controversy over who first invented the electric telephone, and thus who Buy Email Database should be awarded the legal patent to the design. The very early history of telephony is littered with an unedifying mass of lawsuits, claims and counterclaims, contested patents, Buy Email Database and objections. Ultimately the patents (and the credit) were awarded to Alexander Graham Buy Email Database Bell and Thomas Edison, who used them to enormous commercial advantage. Experimentation and the first Buy Email Database networks The earliest phones were, from a technical point of view, extremely diverse, as there was still a great deal of experimentation going on to determine the optimal technologies. Early phones derived their power from a local battery instead of from the grid. This continued until the 20th Century, when the power began to be transmitted over the wires from the Buy Email Database telephone exchange. Many of the earliest telephones also only have one wire for both the transmission and receipt of audio messages.


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